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Unus Mundus

by Pedra Branca

Tambor 04:44
Wangga 05:03
Zagros 04:19
Gandangara 03:49
Mintaka 04:31
Rytual Thar 05:37
Unus Mundus 05:36
Curupira 05:04
Starlights 04:54


Produced by Luciano Sallun from São Paulo, Brazil, it is not surprising to use forms of technology and virtual productions, where since the first albums the union between technology and multimedia art has been explored. This album in a complete way, was worked on in a virtual way. The recordings were made with each musician in his home studio. Music production can unite, as in this case, composition, arrangements, editions and creations with technology in an integrated way, where we can also expand the idea that technology can offer for moments like Pandemic. Luciano Sallun produced the tracks by integrating a network of artists from different locations.

With this, the project has countless participations that cover different Mundus. As a virtuoso classical singer Tahir Qawwal with chants of the classical style called “Qawwalli” which is a traditional song from Pakistan and India. The singer Luana Feboli, Brazilian resident in Los Angeles. Moroccan singer Jamal Nouman. The trombonist Stephen Bamboli from France and the Italian Lorenzo Mantovani in the Indian sarangi. One of the biggest producers of the ethnic genre with electronics, Seb Taylor (Kaya Project) from England also participated in one of the tracks entitled Tambor. Also the Peruvian musician Horacio Camargo in the quena, zamponha and saxophone flutes, and the percussionist Mariposa Hadha from Paraguay. Also participating were Alexandre Lora in the hangdrum, Felipe Pipeta (Black Mantra) in the trumpet, the musician and producer from Kadu Hidalgo (Kadum) in the saxophone, flute, hsangdrum and synthesizers. Paraiba musician Rodrigo Marques (Parahyba Ska Jazz) on sax and flute. Musician and music producer Thiago Duar (Mental Abstract), pianist and arranger Adriano Grinenberg. Other guests such as percussionist Alan Golçalvez, in the fiddle Felipe Myake, the Minas Gerais producer Gui Dub, the drummer Pedro Rangel, the researcher and player Bernardo Bittencout and also in the Indian bamsuri Ivan Vendramini, in the didgeriddo Raphael Franco, Alani Maciel and Thiago Zuza (Didgeridoo Fest Br), percussionist Daniel Puerto Rico and drummer Guilherme Nakata.


released September 24, 2020

1- Atma Kala
Luciano Sallun: production musical and sitar
Tahir Qawwal: voice
Ivan Vendramini: bansuri
Jorge Peña: gongos

Luciano Sallun: production musical and bouzouki
Seb Taylor: acustic guitar and slide guitar
Matt Sah: violin
Mariposa Hadha: darbuka
Alan Gonçalvez: udu

3-Angel of Beaty
Luciano Sallun: production musical, sitar and guimbardi
Luana Feboli: voice
Zraëli Karus: guitar
Felipe Pipeta: trompete
Alan Gonçalvez: congas

(lyrics: Luana Feboli)

4- Wangga
Luciano Sallun: production musical and sitar
Raphael Franco: didgeridoo
Alan Gonçalvez: djembe and congas
Felipe Gomide: violin

5- Zabros
Luciano Sallun: production musical, baglama and oud
Lorenzo Mantovani: sarangi
Daniel Puerto Rico: udu and congas

6- Gandangara
Luciano Sallun: production musical and guimbardi
Kadu Hidalgo: hang drum, synth and flute
Bruno Duar: vibraphone
Tiago Zuza: didgeridoo
Alani Maciel: didgeridoo
Zraeli Kraus: guitar
Daniel Puerto Rico: djembe and congas

7- Mintaka
Luciano Sallun: production musical and sitar
Bandulu dub: synth and voice
Guilherme Nakata: drums

(poetry: Bandulu)

8- Dolphin Tabibou
Luciano Sallun: production musical and eletric baglama
Jamal Nouman: voice
Stephen Bamboli: trombone
Bernardo Bittencourt: cello

(lyrics: Jamal Nauman)

9- Rytual Thar
Luciano Sallun: production musical and sitar
Stephen Bamboli: trombone
Felipe Pipeta: trompete
Kadu Hidalgo: flauta and saxphone
Rodrigo Marques: flauta and saxphone
Gui dub: melodica and synth
Daniel Puerto Rico: frame druns and congas

10- Unus Mundus
Luciano Sallun production musical and bouzouki
Alexandre Lora: hang drum
Horacio: kena, zamponha and flutes
Gustavo Filograsso: charango and pads
Pablo Rozaz: berimbal and acordeon
Daniel Puerto Rico: frame druns and congas

11- Curupira
Luciano Sallun: production musical, sitar and guimbardi
Ivan Vendramini: bansuri
Felipe Mykael: rabeca
Alan Gonçalvez: berimbau, zabumba, darbuka, djembe, agogo and talking drum

12- Starlights
Luciano Sallun: production musical and sitar
Adriano Grnenberg: rodhes
Ivan Vendramini: bansuri
Pedro Rangel: drums
Alan Gonçalvez: congas

All tracks compose, production and mixing by Luciano Sallun.
Except the track version Dolphin Tabibou Remix, prodution and mixing by Luciano Sallun and compose by Jamal Nouman, Stephen Bamboli and Luciano Sallun.

Mastering: Audible Oddities

Artwork: Vitor Sal (www.facebook.com/vitorsal.arte)


all rights reserved



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